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Must-Haves: Fall 2015

Must-haves for fall 2015



Tried and true: a navy blazer paired with denim and tassel loafers is a surefire way of looking cool, calm, & collected. Mix it up with a plaid sport shirt sans tie; or for a more tailored look opt for a dress shirt & foulard tie (a tie with small doodads on it).

Remember: your jeans should be straight, slim & clean with a slight break. Come on in and we'll hook you up with new pair (if you're reading this then you should start your car and throw those old Levi's in your "walking-the-dog/building-a-campfire/mowing-the-lawn/not-to-be-worn-in-front-of-your-wife" pile). 

Pictured: NH navy blazer: $495, Santoni tassel loafers: $575, Punto cashmere socks: $37, Peter Millar dress shirt $125, Breuer foulard necktie: $125, NH lizard belt: $225, Hiltl denim jeans $225,  Gant plaid sport shirt: $135.

Every man should own a tweed sport coat. whether it's this beautiful Canali or a made-to-measure, you need one. Wear it with a brown chino pant and a Gant button-down sport shirt. Or prep it up with a dress shirt and maybe (yes, we're saying it) a bowtie.

Kicker: Bowties sold at Nick Hilton come with free tying demonstration from Nick himself.

Pictured: Canali tweed sport coat: $1,550, Gant brown plaid sport shirt: $155, Peter millar dress shirt: $125, Punto cashmere socks: $37, Carrot & Gibbs bowtie: $65, Breuer foulard tie: $125, Hiltl brown chinos: $245, NH lizard belt: $225, Tumi backpack: $

Our tigers fans and tail-gating gents- rejoice! exhibit a: how to wear your Nick Hilton Glen Plaid sport coat to someplace other than your sister-in-law's over-heated house on thanksgiving. Tigers: wear this beauty with grey flannel pants and a lavender Eton shirt with your indispensable tassel loafers for a refined, elegant "I-own-the-team" look. For the weekend warrior/tail-gating fellow, grab your chinos and an easy knit (sweater or polo) and Voila! A multitude of dapper possibilities. 

Pictured: Santoni tassel loafers: $575, Punto cashmere socks: $37, Eton lavender dress shirt: $255, Breuer foulard tie: $125, NH grey wool trousers: $325, NH glen plaid sport coat: $795, Peter millar red chinos: $125, Hand-dyed indian challis scarf: $195, NH cashmere v-neck sweater: $255, Martin dingman perforated belt:$195, Princeton tigers vintage picnic basket.


Last, but certainly not least! Check out Nick's new must-have Gun Club sport coat. This look is perfect for our dinky riders and our professorial types. Pair your jacket with new, modern fit chinos and a light-weight corduroy sport shirt (you'll want to live in this one by Hartford). Add a dash of color with a rep tie or foulard bowtie, too. Piece a cake.  

Pictured: Peter millar olive chinos: $125, Hartford corduroy shirt: $195, Punto wool & cashmere socks: $29, Breuer necktie: $125, Carrot & Gibbs bowties: $65 each, The New Yorker: $4.95, NH Gun Club sport coat $825, Hand-dyed indian challis scarf: $195.


For all your wardrobe and styling needs, come on in or make an appointment with Nick.